Serious Lady Killer: Dating Show Contestant Admits to Murdering Wife, Girlfriend

Lady Killa

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Where does a lonely murderer find love? On a Turkish dating game show, of course! Dating show "The Luck of the Draw" recently featured this charming bachelor: Sefer Calinak, a 62-year-old Turkish man who enjoys long walks on the beach and chopping up his girlfriend with an ax.

Prior to axing his lover, Calinak was convicted of murdering his teenage bride. Apparently, five months into their marriage, "she changed." Ah yes, the dreaded end of the honeymoon phase. One minute you're madly in love, the next minute you're digging a shallow grave in the woods.

Calinik served jail time for murdering his first wife. He claimed self-defense in the second murder. Soon after his confession, Calinik was asked to leave the game show; however, he insists he is a victim of destiny, desperately wanting to share his life with someone--until, of course, he whacks them with a blunt object.

Watch the delicious awkward goodness:

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