Zombies Descend Upon Mexico City


Maybe it owes something to pre-Hispanic death cults, or the famous tradition of Days of the Dead, or perhaps it's just a new way of having some morbid fun, but one thing is certain: Mexico is mad for zombies.

Mexico City zombie fanatics positioned the city as the zombie capital of the world after the Zombie Walk in November 2011 gathered nearly 10,000 marching zombies and was recognized as the largest in the world by the Guinness Book of Records (Mexicans love to break world records too.)

More recently, Zombie Walk Mexico founders organized the first Zombiecausto in the forest of Ajusco, a beautiful national park just outside the city. One thousand participants — 300 zombies and 700 survivors — flocked to the woods in a reality-style race, experiencing in the flesh what a world infected by a zombie virus might look like. Like co-founder Chumoy says: "What if we brought everything that happens in zombie movies to the real world?"

Check out the video and experience Mexico's first Zombiecausto…

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