New York City Marathon Cancelled

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The New York City marathon will not take place this Sunday, the mayor's office announced early Friday evening.

With neighborhoods still suffering from power outages and the death toll from Superstorm Sandy climbing daily, Mayor Michael Bloomberg reversed his position from earlier today, when he said the event would go forward. Whether the marathon will be rescheduled is unclear.

The mayor's office tweeted about the cancellation:

"We have decided to cancel the NYC marathon. The New York Road Runners will have additional information in days ahead for participants."

A loud chorus of residents, local leaders and even runners have been calling for the race to be cancelled or postponed.

"Postpone the marathon and come back a different time, when the city will be back on its feet, stronger than ever," Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer told NBC4 earlier today.

For updates, check the ABC/Univision Twitter account.

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