We all remember PornHub’s 2013 silent SuperBowl commercial…

…and although we’d all say it’s so SFW it shouldn’t even be abbreviated, we probably forgot that it wasn’t even aired on TV because of the nature of the company's business.



Well, about a year later (and a couple months ago) PornHub announced that they were looking for a creative director to kickstart their first national ad campaign. And, because these will run on mainstream print and television outlets, the ads have to be clean. Since the announcement the porn website has been asking its artistic “fans” for creative submissions. AS IN CREATIVE SUBMISSIONS FOR ADVERTISEMENTS YOU PERVS.

The rules were to keep the ads so PG that you might have to look them over a couple of times to get them. This Monday the company sent out a list of the 15 finalists. Below are our favorite 7 ads:

You can view the rest here.


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