Washington State is giving a new meaning to the nickname 'Emerald City'

In this episode of The Cannabusiness Report, Ryan Nerz tours Washington State, the second state in the nation to legalize weed. With almost 200 weed dispensaries, it’s becoming the epicenter of the marijuana industry in the United States.

We visit a Native American reservation to find out what’s happening with weed on the reservation. We meet up with a lesbian couple whose daughter’s life has been saved by CBD­-rich cannabis, which lessens the impact of her harrowing seizures. And we talk to the first guy to smoke legal weed in Washington state who has been called by some “the Rosa Parks of pot.” ­

About The Cannabusiness Report with Ryan Nerz

An insider’s perspective on the mainstreaming of marijuana in the United States and beyond, from host Ryan Nerz, author of MARIJUANAMERICA.

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