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Introducing 'Outpost': A travel show, reimagined

'Outpost' shows you the world like you’ve never seen it.
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This Brazilian surfer is using the waves to help sex trafficking victims

For these women, the waves give them power that was taken away from them.

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Land-locked Navy

Bolivia may not have a coast, but its navy is prepared for battle.

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Cuba's booming food scene is nothing short of a revolution

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The Chinchinero: Music, Dance & Street Performance in Chile

The Familia Bombo Trío is a group of young Chileans keeping the tradition of the Chinchinero alive.

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Immigration is just one of many issues that bind the U.S. and Mexico together

Booming trade, human smuggling, industry, and yes, immigration—these are all found on the U.S.-Mexico border.

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Rapper Residente on what being independent would mean for Puerto Rico

Residente: "Independence will help our self-esteem."

About the show
  • The latest 7 posts
  • About the show

OUTPOST brings you the world like you’ve never seen it. The series that lives at the intersection of investigative journalism and adventure travel, bringing you a local perspective on faraway places and inviting you to explore. New episodes air Sundays @ 8PM ET/PT.


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