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Is Period Sex Good For You?

Period sex—it still gets a bad rep, but hooking up during your time of the month can alleviate cramps and even shorten your period. Is it safe though?

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Vagina is Not a Dirty Word

Why are we still so hung-up about using the word vagina?

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Women can get 'blue balls,' too

In Fusion's commitment to provide our readers with the sex ed they need to have healthy and happy sex lives, we break down fact versus fiction when it comes to blue balls—ultimately revealing that the condition can effect people with ovaries, too.

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SEX. RIGHT. NOW. answers all your burning questions

Sex education in this country is dismal—and SEX. RIGHT. NOW. aims to bridge the gap, answering our audience's most intimate questions about sex and dating today.

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Sex. Right. Now. knows what you've been Googling—and has the anwers

How much sex are we really having? Sex. Right. Now: Burning Questions answers this and more Saturday, 9/24.

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Cleo Stiller explores the new, and revolutionary, ways our generation is hooking up. Going behind headlines about trends in dating and mating, Sex Right Now digs deep on topics from internet-connected sex toys to the use of marijuana in the bedroom.


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