EP 6: 'Home, sweet, home' for The Dukes of 2Square

In the season finale, the Dukes of 2Square leave their tour in Europe and head back to Miami. Jeremiah and Justin arrive just in time for Art Basel.

The dukes also visit their hometown in Knoxville, Tennessee, where they haven’t been home in three years, and find some things haven’t changed. Confronting more than just family, the two discover there’s more to 2Square than meets the eye.

For all things 2Square check out their page on Fusion.net. Catch the premiere episode here.

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About The Dukes of 2Square

Meet Justin and Jeremiah, aka 2Square. Two street artists from Tennessee who left a comfortable life to pursue their desire to paint. Follow 2SQ on an epic journey through Europe and beyond. A true testament to life, art and the pursuit of happiness.

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