The Naked Truth: Death by Fentanyl

A dangerous drug called fentanyl is turning the worst drug epidemic in U.S. history even deadlier.
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Watch the award winning Panama Papers investigation 'The Naked Truth: Dirty Little Secrets'

Fusion enters a secretive underworld of money and power that affects our lives in ways we are only just beginning to see.

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Fusion investigates the far reaching power of the Greek system in The Naked Truth: Frat Power

It turns out that one of the real paths to power in college may lie in whether you pledge a fraternity or not.

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Panama Papers: Why the Biggest Leak in History Still Matters

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‘Frat Power’ unravels the relationship between Greeks and the government

Fusion spent nearly a year visiting college campuses across the country to investigate the fraternity and sorority system and its broad influence on and off campus.

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Fusion's documentary 'District of Cannabis' explores the rules of weed in Washington

Fusion’s Chief Cannabis Correspondent Ryan Nerz rolls into our nation’s capital to investigate the controversial world of weed in Washington.

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Here's how California is bringing down its maternal mortality rates

In Death by Delivery, Fusion’s Nelufar Hedayat reported on the rising number of deaths of expectant mothers in the U.S., particularly of pregnant black women.

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In 'Mugged' we show you who's getting rich off mugshots and who's paying the price

Welcome to the very lucrative mugshot industry—a business built on publishing photos of everyday Americans based on arrest records that are often wrong.

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In 'Radicals Rising' we take you to Europe's breeding grounds of hate

Travel with Fusion’s Mariana van Zeller to the European neighborhoods that have become breeding grounds for radicals.

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Watch our documentary about the staggering rate of maternal mortality for black women

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How victory at Standing Rock could provide a blueprint for resistance in Trump's America

Protesters won a major victory over the Dakota Access pipeline project but with Donald Trump taking office, the fight has just begun.

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Elizabeth Dawes Gay, center front row, stands with the fellow members of the Black Mamas Matter collective iat the MotherHouse in Atlanta. READ MORE
Officials raided Mossak Fonsecca offices in Panama City Feb. 9 in connection with an international bribery investigation. READ MORE
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BRADENTON, FL - OCTOBER 24:  Voters line up to vote early at the Supervisor of Elections office on October 24, 2016 in Bradenton, Florida. Today early general election voting started in the state of Florida and ends on either Nov 5 or Nov 6th.  (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images) READ MORE
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Turns out, you can handle the truth. That’s why Fusion’s investigative team produces “The Naked Truth”: an immersive, explanatory journey into the world’s darkest corners. Check back here regularly for new installments.

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