European giants collide in the middle of nowhere

Two years ago in the European Championships, Andrea Pirlo dictated the entire 120 minutes against England. He did whatever he wanted. But Italy being Italy, it still couldn’t score. So Pirlo executed a Panenka in penalty kicks and the Azzurri went on to win. In this rematch, played in the city of Manaus, way out in the Amazon, much was the same, including the two coaches and Pirlo. The only difference was that he was now 35 and Roy Hodgson added younger, speedier players. No way, would Pirlo be allowed to pull the strings again, right? Wrong.


Balotelli looks molto contento today.




And England coach Roy Hodgson looks like he’s shitting himself.



Pubs across the pond exploded when Raheem Sterling let go of this shot. But it was all an optical illusion.



Pirlo thought this was a hand ball. Is Pirlo ever wrong?




This might be England’s only highlight of the day, so let’s take another look.



Candreva from long distance. Where’s the marking.



Sterling dangerous again, this time he crosses for Danny Welbeck in front. The second kinda, sorta penalty in this game.



A brilliant dummy—how’s that for an oxymoron—from Pirlo sets up Juventus teammate Marchisio, who puts it away:1–0 to Italy in the 35th minute.



The England bench were so happy during the celebration, their own physio got hurt during the celebration….

Balotelli with the cheeky chip. Joe Hart, where art thou? The latest in fine England goalkeeping.




Fuckin’ ’ell!



Good effort, lad.


free kick
Va funculo! Coolest miss of the young tournament so far. By the man himself.

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