It was bound to happen: the first 0—0 draw

The talk of the tournament thus far has been about goals and how many have been scored. Well, not in this game. The Nigeria-Iran Group F match was a sleepy affair that ended scoreless. Our GIFs are the best part. Enjoy.


Either the Iranian national anthem is funny, or one of the players is really happy to be on television.


Vincent Enyeama is very particular about order in the pre-match ritual. Discipline is important.


Lazio’s Ogenyi Onazi with a bit of an unorthodox finish.


Chuck Queiroz says, “Bring it in, then get low.” And who can argue with that? Remember, this is a wrestling match against the African Heavyweight Champion of the World. Form matters.


Iran’s goalkeeper Mr. Haghighi almost gets caught cheating. Unacceptable.


Iran with maybe the best chance of the game. This is the chance that woke Vincent Enyeama from his deep slumber.


It’s nice to see that in the middle of serious competition, two players can share a hug without everyone acting like the world is ending. Look how happy they are.


Look at all this camaraderie. I hope the children are watching this.



This says it all about this game.



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