Russia vs. South Korea in GIFs

The first howler of the tournament helps the Koreans get a result

The second draw of the day, this time between an Asian power, South Korea, and a mid-level European team, Russia. You won’t watch this one again in ten years, so just check out our GIFs from the match in Cuiaba.

Please contrast the Brazilians singing their anthem with the Russians “singing” theirs.

More important than the yellow card presented, look at the referee’s hair. I’m impressed.

This has not been the most exciting 20 minutes of my life. But this is as good as it’s been.

Yellow for Ki Sung-Yueng for this peach of a tackle.


“Uh, Mom, where’s the restroom? I need to wash out my helmet.” I imagine that’s how this conversation went. And then, someone found it, and everyone was happy.



Akinfeev spillage!
It’s two-way spillage now. No one can hold onto anything.

The spillage, the howlers these goalkeepers have been making have resulted in some real damage. Lee Keun-Ho rips a shot from about 30 yards out—a shot that should have been easily dealt with by Akinfeev. But, no. It was not dealt with. Akinfeev basically can’t catch the ball and that’s a problem for a goalkeeper. Now it’s 1-0 South Korea.

Is this the face of match-fixing? Probably not. But I’ve never done it.

Blame poor marking. Luck. Threats of retribution and acts of violence. Hell, blame the rule that allows substitutes. But it’s 1-1.

Not everyone can handle a game without rules and structure. It makes some people hyperventilate.

Fabio Capello is slowly losing his mind. This happens when your de facto boss is a shirtless guy who rides around on a bear and does judo with random people, even though he’s a grown-ass man who doesn’t need to be doing martial arts anymore.

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