A game on Saturday in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, between Real España and Marathón ended in chaos after fans clashed at the end of the game, leaving one person dead.

Fans from both sides descended onto the Estadio Yankel Rosenthal field after the second leg of the Clausura semifinal between the two clubs, seemingly surprising the police in attendance, and proceeded to treat the venue like their own private octagon.

The players didn’t escape without getting dragged into the nonsense, either. Real España midfielder Julio “Palomo” Rodriguez” received a jump-kick to the back by a Marathón fan as he tried to make his way off the field.

It took about 10 minutes for the police to pacify the situation.

Ironically, that same night, the inaugural Copa Presidente final took place between Olimpia and Platense. The tournament, between Honduran first, second, and third division teams, was organized by the Honduran government to make a statement about violence in Honduras. Honduras has the highest murder rate in the world.

After the chaotic afternoon, Real España posted an apology to Twitter.

”Real Club Deportivo España deeply regrets the death of a fan after the match this afternoon against Marathón. We condemn any act of violence and stand in solidarity with the relatives of the victim.”


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