'Women ruin everything'

Angry baby-men hate the new ‘Ghostbusters’ trailer

Sony Pictures Entertainment

Movie trailer come out on internet. Some people like. Some people love. Some people whatever. But baby-men, they no like. Baby-men no like at all. Baby-men hate, because movie make baby-men mad. Baby-men click thumb-down button on video site, because thumb-down button means mad. Did baby-men mention they mad? They mad.

Baby-men liked old movie that baby-men saw when baby-men were babies, before internet was place where baby-men could put angry baby-thoughts. New movie no have men, have women. Women confuse baby-men. Women not men. Women not men at all!

Baby-men bang head against keyboard until form mad baby-words. Baby-men put mad baby-words on internet. Baby-men shriek into void.


Can baby-men have new Entourage movie, please?