Snaps for love

How Snapchat brought together these two horny University of Wisconsin students

Two undergrads, both alike in dignity,

In fair Madison, where we lay our scene…

OK, so Romeo and Juliet these two lovebirds aren’t, but for one glorious night, two University of Wisconsin students were every part the star-crossed lovers as Shakespeare’s original duo. And like the Bard’s theatrical magnum opus, the burgeoning romance between these two crazy kids was on full display for a rapt audience left hanging on their every wo…er, Snap.

"Vikings Fan" and "Mystery Girl"

"Vikings Fan" and "Mystery Girl"

Our tale begins, as so many UW romances do, in the school’s Memorial Library, where a handsome undergrad—”Vikings Fan”—was featured in a campus Snapchat story. There he caught the eye of the beautiful “Mystery Girl,” who bemoaned her near-miss with true love with a snap of her own. And with that, the saga of Vikings Fan and Mystery Girl took on a life of its own, complete with near misses, exotic locations, and a chorus of enthralled onlookers desperate to see these two soulmates to find each other once and for all.

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And, yes, for those of you who—like me—insist on reading the last page of a book before you start, Vikings Fan and Mystery Girl do, in fact, find one another, while the entire campus cheers them on, awash in the fuzzy glow of vicarious romance.


Because I have to believe that if these two can find one another using nothing but geofilters and the beer-soaked encouragement of their fellow Badgers…well, maybe true love—or, at least, a virally engineered hookup—does exist in this world, after all.