Make dating great again with this Donald Trump love bot!

Elena Scotti/FUSION

Donald Trump sure seems to know a lot about a lot of things. Firing people? Check. Steaks? Check. Romance?!? Why not. Sure, the presumptive Republican nominee has received mixed reviews for his own dating skillz, but he may just hold the answers to your love life.

For anyone who’s been dying to get The Donald’s take on their dating woes—you’re in luck. With our new bot, you can receive romantic wisdom in the presidential candidate’s inimitable style, without ever leaving the couch!

Using more than 100 raw quotes pulled from Trump’s speeches, social media posts, interviews, and publications—plus language analyses on Trump’s speech patterns—our team of grad students at NYU’s Studio 20 and Parsons School of Design created the bot to feel as authentic as possible. But is it really possible to feel like the man himself is advising you on how to answer that text from your crush? Give it a go and decide for yourself.

Trump may not have anything too enlightening to say about Brexit, women, people with disabilities, or minorities—but perhaps his words may, at the very least, help you figure out how to break up with that dude from Tinder.

This bot was created as part of the Election Lab, Fusion’s collaboration with NYU Studio 20 and Parsons School of Design.