Not a good look

Kellyanne Conway was confronted about Trump’s sexual assault allegations—and she wasn’t happy

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Kellyanne Conway, Donald Trump’s campaign manager, did not take kindly to a high school student asking at an event on Wednesday how she could “rationalize” working for a man who laughs off sexual assault.

As Politico reports, the young woman attending the event in Washington D.C. asked Conway about the infamous Access Hollywood video of Trump in 2005, where the president-elect advised Billy Bush that if you’re famous, you can grab women “by the pussy. You can do anything” and also bragged about kissing women without their consent.

“Donald Trump has negated claims that he sexually assaulted women but also admitted to a tape where he seemed to be describing sexual assault,” the young woman asked, according to Politico, which reported that her question was met with applause from the audience. “How do you rationalize that as a woman and also as his campaign manager?”

Conway, who was the first woman to run a Republican presidential campaign, responded by questioning the young woman’s motives and accused her of being “personally mean” by asking the question.

“For you to use sexual assault to try to make news here I think is unfortunate, but it also doesn’t matter because Donald Trump promised he’ll be a president of all Americans,” she said.

The GOP pollster also shot down the question, saying the student was just parroting messaging that was “incessantly” replayed “tens of thousands of times” in political ads before launching into an attack on Hillary Clinton.

“All this anti-woman stuff. And you know how America’s women answered? They gave the would-be first female candidate, I don’t know, what was it, 56 percent of the vote, 57?” she continued. “She should have gotten 60 or 62 percent of the female vote. And she did not. And part of why she did not is women tired of the same argument and the same thing that you’re presenting to me now, even though you’re trying to be personally mean about it.”

Conway was known throughout the campaign for her relentless–if occasionally ham-fistedspinning of Trump’s offensive remarks. Her constant appearances on cable news, where she would talk around Trump’s latest dustup, became enough of a running joke that Saturday Night Live parodied her.