New Year, Same Me

This stunning plus-size swimwear shoot is turning body shaming-resolutions on their heads

Ryan Michael Kelly/ GabiFresh

Thank god for women like GabiFresh.

The plus-size blogger turned swimwear designer is known for popularizing the “fatkini” movement, giving women the agency to embrace their bodies as beautiful at any size or shape. With the latest installment of her swimwear collection, made in collaboration with Swimsuits for All, GabiFresh is turning the old pattern of making New Year’s resolutions about your body size on its head.

“This is the time of year when we hear the constant weight loss talk and pressure from the media and even our friends, so we decided to push back and make the campaign about loving yourself now, regardless of size,” she wrote on her eponymous blog on Wednesday. “Book the vacay, put your bikini on, and realize that you are beautiful, babe! New Year, SAME YOU!”
Take a mini-vacation with these photos from her limited-edition resort lookbook, where GabiFresh models underwire bikinis in red and with cactus patterns, one-piece swimsuits with zippers down the middle and a maxi dress—all in a beautiful California desert.

swimsuitsforall4Ryan Michael Kelly / GabiFresh
gabifresh-swimsuitsforall9Ryan Michael Kelly / GabiFresh
gabifresh-swimsuitsforall3Ryan Michael Kelly / GabiFresh


gabifresh-swimsuitsforall101Ryan Michael Kelly / GabiFresh