Uruguayan President José Mujica feels a kinship with Cuba — at least that’s how he explains his support for the country, a longtime enemy of the United States.

Mujica spoke with Jorge Ramos in an interview that aired Tuesday on Fusion.

“Why do you defend Cuba?” Ramos asked.

“I defend all Latin American countries,” Mujica said.

“Yes, but you know what I’m referring to. It’s a country with many restrictions,” Ramos countered.

Mujica further explained his reason for backing Cuba, despite the country’s record on human rights.

“Latin Americans make up one giant nation when put together,” Mujica said. “We may be a bunch of little countries because we failed to build one nation. I don’t want to leave out any part of the nation.”

The president also spoke about the conflict in Syria, and why he won’t support military action.

“I said that it would be better to bomb Syria with milk powder, with food, with social attention,” he said. “I don’t believe in war anymore. Humankind is stuck in prehistoric times.”

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