This young man created a video of himself lip syncing Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now, but instead of a straight video, like normal people do, he took photos of himself to animate the lip sync in a stop-motion effect.

“I made a very simple lip sync animation for the song, and adjusted the frame rate to determine how long I’d have to take pictures for,” Matt Perren explained in a YouTube comment. “Then everyday I’ve taken two pictures [one for the start and one for the end of the video] and they gradually make their way towards the middle of the video.”

So that’s all very nice. Glad this young man did something to set himself apart from the hundreds of thousands of people his age looking for college acceptance. We all have to emphasize our individualism on the Internet somehow, you know. But I can’t help but kind of feel like three years is kind of a long time to spend on such a project. I kind of want to tell this young man, “Look! You’re young! Go out and enjoy the world and be young and silly and make mistakes outside and socialize and take advantage of these years!” Life has to be worth more than creative screenshots taken over an extremely long period of time.

There is obviously tremendous creativity and dedication in this young man. He can do more, right! Then again, I work on the Internet.

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