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Romeo Santos, Drake Herald the Bachata Apocalypse

Forget all the mainstream drooling over country music as the “next big thing” – what folks should be paying attention to is bachata. Because it’s coming — the bachata apocalypse!

Proof? Drake’s co-sign. Yes, Drake is slated for a guest-starring spot on Romeo Santos’ forthcoming solo album, Formula Vol. 2, due out February 25. Other guest stars include Nicki Minaj and even Kevin Hart. The only question, really, is why didn’t Drake get around to bachata sooner? It’s the perfect musical storm over which he can have feelings.

Prince Royce already warmed up the English-language radio audience, so get ready for Santos and company to complete the takeover. I mean look, the latter is already appearing on Sesame Street, indoctrinating the kids:

So act like you know: Here’s a chart on the next crop of potential bachata crossover stars to get you started.

The Bachatocalypse: A Guide | Infographics

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