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Drug Collecting Is The Millennial’s Stamp Collecting

Stashman666/ Reddit

Humans love to collect. Whether it’s old coins, stamps or fridge magnets, most of us have some treasure trove of memories to which we cling. Now, that stash of souvenirs might include drugs.

Well, for some of us at least.

Sigmund Freud (naturally) ascribed collecting tendencies to traumatic toilet times (thanks Freud) and stated that people collect as a way to “regain control” by reclaiming physical possessions that represent bowel movements in childhood.

In “To Have and to Hold: An Intimate History of Collectors and Collecting,” author Philipp Blom described the “collectors bug” as “a desire to overcome the limits of [the collectors’] time and upbringing.” Blom called collecting “a philosophical project that seeks to make sense of the multiplicity and chaos of the world, and perhaps even to find in it a hidden meaning.”

Today’s collectors have multiple reasons for hoarding objects. And many of the objects now hoarded–especially by millennials–are drug related. We could suggest this is because drugs represent different experiences in the collectors’ life, much the same way as people collect fine wine and whisky–or it could even be a desire for ownership, something coveted and difficult to find. Whatever. People have multiple reasons for the things they do.

But check out the #Drugstash thread on Reddit, which has over 3600 users and they all have multiple and varied reasons for keeping, storing and photographing their #drugstashes.

Note: At this time, none of the drugstash collectors had responded to requests for comment, but they did answer questions about the collections, which we share with you here.

Collector: Stashman 666

Where did you get all of these from?

“Real life connections (codeine syrup, adderall, mushrooms,LSD), being active in the RC/gray market (4-FA, Doc, all 3 of those tryptamines, 25I-nbome ive had since before it was illegal and ordered from an RC vendor), as well as darknet marketplaces(Methylone, MDMA, 2C-B, and xanax).

You can get quite a bit of nice stuff quasi legally if you find some reputable RC venders. Actions by the DEA in the last year or so has really closed down a lot of vendors and the good ones who are left are realllly hard to find. Im lucky to still know a few people from when i was particularly into collecting.”

What’s your personal favorite, from all those?

I really enjoy GHB but its unfortunate that it is so expensive and rather hard to get. Collecting is mostly a hobby for me, I dont really do them that often, but I love drugs for their pharmacology and chemistry and am currently studying chemistry due to that love :D. MDMA would probably be another favorite but unfortunately I rarely take powerful psychedelics, I have only partaken once, last April. I was quite impressed though. Im also very tryptamine sensitive (causes anxiety) with the exception of LSD so i have yet to do any of the trypts in those vials(did aco-dmt once but had a mini panic attack and mentally killed the trip about 1.5 hours in). I do love my phenethylamines though and I’m looking forward to taking 2C-B for the first time as soon as it warms up. I don’t like being confined or limited when on psychedelics and i easily get cold (poor circulation), so taking any in the winter is generally unenjoyable for me

How do you store them/ are they still potent?

As you can tell by the bottles, I store all my tryptamines pretty well which are the only particularly vulnerable chemicals to oxidation and other forms of deterioration. The phenethylamines such as Bk-MDMA, DOC, MDMA, 4-FA and 2C-B are relatively resistant to degradation. I will admit I’ve had the mushrooms and LSD long enough that they have likely loss a good bit of potency(they are also the only things I own that really have the possibility to lose potency). Most of those things will probably outlive me if they are stored in a dark, cool, dry location.

Collector: Dirtyrolls

What is this?

My stash/nostalgia box. Little things from expeditions over the years.

Tell us more.

Just a bunch of little things that have sentimental value: the first air freshener I used as a meth pipe, the stem of the actual meth pipe I bought that blew off the table and broke the first night I got it, some kandi someone gave me from an amazing night, some lighters I ended up with that went through some fun times, old burner phone, straws, old tins I used to keep stuff in, a light from my now defunct glove set, vicks, tickets and bracelets, buried underneath all that stuff is a left over nitrous canister from a night some friends and I went through just about 200 of them, a pocket constitution for shits and giggles. just a bunch of little things you know 🙂 when I do have stuff I stash it in there, but it’s mostly memorabilia.

Collector: The Real QD

What are these?

Some of my favorites.

Collector: MileHighNerd

Things to know:

I think I’m addicted… to collecting drugs. Don’t worry I am an educated drugs user.

Collector: Traxdome

What is this?

My current pill collection.

Collector: Pussyole64

What is this?

My collection so far, Marquis Reagant, half oz weed, two 125mg bombs MDMA, 0.5g MDMA, 0.2g DMT, 0.25g 2cb, 0.7g MDA, 10g shrooms in the middle, 6 shiva LSD blotters and 6 Hoffman blottters.

How are you storing it?

[As ]Previously mentioned drugstash all neatly tucked in to my cash box, Hunter S. Thompson style.

Collector: Shaffeasy

What are these?

My shabby amphetamine and benzo collection. Saved one of each different pill over the last two years, 11 in total.

And here are a few more, from other users, for your voyeuristic pleasure.

Do you have a favorite, or any collections you have that you’d like to share?