Those crazy kids will do almost anything to catch a buzz (vodka eyeballing, smoking Twix) and now a new trend is having a moment. “Beezin,” or the act of applying Burt’s Bees Wax lip balm to ones’ eyelids, is gaining popularity among teens, according to KOKH-TV in Oklahoma City.

The minty lip balm is said to enhance your buzz, be it high or drunk, plus it’ll keep you awake and alert. Dr. Brett Cauthen tells KOKH-TV that the burning sensation is a result of, you guessed it, the peppermint oil in Burt’s Bees products. He also warns that, although Burt’s Bees uses all-natural ingredients, “natural does not equate with safety.”

For some avid Beezers, the trend is nothing new. Twitter users expressed dismay at the assertion that Beezin is just now becoming popular.

Others seemed inspired to try the new method for the first time.

And still others took to Twitter to prove that sometimes, you can effectively Beeze without Burt’s products.

“Beezin” may not ever gain the notoriety of vodka eyeballing, but for now, it’s further evidence that teens just want to feel a buzz.


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