Finding love is hard. However, having political views is pretty easy. Maybe that’s why a slew of politically driven dating sites are popping-up all over the web. Whether you’re a liberal-hating, feminazi-crushing conservative or a ragging anarchist vegan commie, there’s a love site just for you.

Take for example,, where fun, flirty conservatives can join the “lib-free dating scene” (and take pictures with their dogs, apparently). “Stop wasting your time with undesirables,” the site urges its users. We’re guessing anyone in the evil liberal media is an undesirable.

On the other end of the spectrum is OkComrade, which is actually just a Facebook page. Though it may have started out as a joke, people posting there seem pretty legitimate. Who wouldn’t want to meet a post-sexual humanist art lover seeking a comrade to discuss equality and butts?

Political romance sites date all the way back to 2012 (so long ago, we know). and are the brainchilds of Alex Fondrier and Francois Briard.

Fondrier often cites a 2011 study, which discovered that compatible political views are more important in building a lasting relationship than looks or personality (don’t judge a book by its cover but by its voting record).

So, it makes perfect sense that anyone looking for love would narrow down their search by political affiliation. After all, the family that polishes their guns together, stays together.

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