Bromance Never Dies: Eric Cantor & John Boehner 4Ever

Perhaps the most heartbreaking part about Eric Cantor’s loss to Tea Party nominee David Brat is the end of his epic bromance with John Boehner, as retold in countless Getty images.

Wherever Eric Cantor appears, Speaker Boehner never seems far away. Whether lovely gazing at Mr. Cantor from the corner of a stage or walking merrily beside him, the two comrades seemed almost inseparable.

Here is a retelling of their endless bromance:

Love at first sight:

We must be soul-mates:

Nowhere else I’d rather be:

That time we both gave McCarthy the stink-eye, LOL:

You complete me:

Someone has taken my place:

So goodbye, please don’t cry:

We both know, I’m not what you need:


Cheer up bropublicans, yours is an epic love story that can never die (mostly because there’s so many photos).