Remember kids, violence is wrong. Especially if you aren’t very good at it.

This week, a game in Argentina’s fourth division between Deportivo Roca and Cipolletti was called after a foul (that wasn’t even that big of a deal) resulted in a brawl and, eventually, 12 red cards.

This appears to be a #GottaHearBothSides situation. It’s easy to blame the player who ran all the way across the field to start the brawl, but we don’t know what was said in the earlier huddle, after the initial foul. What if someone said something particularly sharp about his wife and they’re going through problems? Maybe his daughter finished second in the school science fair to the other guy’s kid. Do you know if there was controversey surrounding the decision? No. You don’t know that man’s life!

Stop judging. Sometimes, you and 15 of your co-workers have to run up and kick another group of people in the chest. We’ve all been there.

Times like this, you have to look back at your past transgressions and be thankful for the lessons you’ve learned. Meditate on it and hope that Deportivo Roca and Cipolleti can be belessed with the same inner peace you have grown to have.

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