Today’s win against the Netherlands was bittersweet for some of the Mexican fans at Amsterdam Arena,. Supporters waved black and white handkerchiefs during the Mexican national anthem and in the 43rd minute of today’s game to protest the case of 43 students missing from Ayotzinapa teacher’s college in Guerrero, Mexico.

Demonstrations in Mexico and abroad were reignited after the country’s Attorney General revealed members of a cartel gang had confessed to kidnapping, killing and burning the bodies of the college students that went missing on Sept. 26 after they where abducted by municipal police.

Fans also held signs and flags outside the stadium to raise international awareness about the violence and impunity that is plaguing Mexican society.

Last month, Mexico’s striker Javier “Chicharito” Hérnandez tweeted his support to the families of the missing students.

“My solidarity and prayers go to the families of the disappeared normalistas of Ayotzinapa.”

Last week, Récord, one of Mexico’s leading sports publications, addressed the case in their front page with a big headline that read “Indignation.”


Today’s 3-2 win will bring some measure of happiness to those who craved seeing Carlos Vela return from exile and wanted revenge ever since Arjen Robben drew a late penalty that helped the Netherlands oust Mexico from this summer’s World Cup in Brazil. But soccer is faint solace for a country in mourning.

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