Jim Parsons would rather dance to Rihanna than J.Lo

If you’re over at Big Bang Theory actor Jim Parsons’ house for a dance party, he’s going to play Rihanna over J.Lo. “Sorry, but that’s just the way I roll,” he told Fusion.

Parsons stars with both actresses/musicians in the new animated Dreamworks film Home. The film follows the adventure of young girl named Tip, voiced by Rihanna, and Oh, an alien from outer space voiced by Jim Parsons.

The unlikely friendship between a human and an alien is the movie’s central story line, but perhaps more interesting to an audience member above the age of twelve is that we’re getting a little face time with a main character who doesn’t look like Polly Pocket.

Tip is a young girl of color, recently immigrated from Barbados and she’s being raised by a single mother, voiced by Jennifer Lopez. It’s a refreshing change of scenery from Hollywood’s usual whitewashing of American life. And since we now know that most movie goers aren’t white and that Latinos went to the movies in 2013 more than any other ethnic group in the US (per captia), perhaps Dreamworks is taking note of this as well.

Fusion sat down with Parsons to ask what about this generation demands more authentic representations in film — and yes, we see the contradiction of asking the white male cast member this question, so throw us that bone. But we also got to ask, now that he’s hung with both J.Lo and Rihanna, who’s he going to party with?

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