Today's Equal Pay Day -- so how do we fix the pay gap?

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Guess what today is? It’s Equal Pay Day – and yes, this is still a problem in this country. Women make up nearly half of the American work force, but still earn only 78 cents for every dollar a man earns. That percentage is even lower for women of color.

You know what’s even crazier? That’s only 19 cents more than in 1963, when John F. Kennedy signed the Equal Pay Act into law. Looks like no one took you seriously, President Kennedy. It’s kind of like if you were, we dunno, a woman! It’s rough, right?

So why April 14 for Equal Pay Day? Well, given the current pay disparity, the average man could begin his work year tomorrow and end 2015 having made the same salary as the average woman.

Women – imagine everything you could do with those 71 extra work days!

But seriously, this is all about the culture of compensation in the workplace. Have you ever asked for a raise from an employer who seemed shocked?

So where do we start? Let’s talk about it!

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