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BREAKING NEWS: Move over Dad Bod, Mom Bod is the new hot bod

A few weeks ago, a student named Mackenzie Pearson wrote about “Dad Bod.” Suddenly, media outlets are running stories about the “Dad Bod” phenomenon: For guys, beer bellies are in, looking like you eat pizza is in, the “Dad Bod” is sexy. Essentially a nod to guys who don’t have six-pack abs, the Dad Bod is just the latest example of how men rarely have to deal with body-shaming. The idea of “Dad Bod” may be body-positive, but media outlets hardly ever dote on or approve of women’s imperfections in the same way.

Seriously: When was the last time you read an article praising a woman for getting older and little chubby? The double standard is absolutely abhorrent, and this parody newscast proves that.

mombod1 mombod2

mombod3 mombod4

mombod5 mombod6

mombod8 mombod9