I Created My Own Job: Swooping on South Beach

We all know how hard it is to get a job these days. One solution? Create your own. In our series, “I Created My Own Job”, we talk with young self-starters who bucked convention, took risks and became their own bosses.

In this edition, we took a ride around South Beach with Alexander Smith, founder of Swoop Miami. Like all great ideas, the concept for Swoop was born on a trip to the bar. Smith and his friend were walking to get a drink when someone offered to give them a lift in his golf cart. The novelty of the trip – combined with the logistical nightmare of driving around South Beach – inspired Smith to start his own kind of taxi service. And it’s free to ride!

Fusion’s Alexandra DiPalma and Sebastian Perry hit the streets with Smith to talk about his business and find out what it’s like to get Swooped.

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