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El Chapo, CEO of Crime: Captured in Mazatlan [Documentary]

Early Saturday morning Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman was arrested. The CEO of the biggest crime syndicate in the world – the Sinaloa cartel – was caught in bed, in a hotel in the Mexican resort town of Mazatlan.

Fusion went to the Mirador, the now-infamous hotel where El Chapo was captured without a single shot fired. We found bewildered tourists who’d been sleeping just floors above the most-wanted man in the world; Mexicans posing for snapshots in front of the building; and mariachis singing narco-corridos in his honor.

All a celebration, of sorts, of the capture of the man who both terrorized and enthralled Mexicans for more than a decade.

Long before his capture, a team of investigative reporters from Univision went to Sinaloa following his trail in “El Chapo: CEO of Crime.”

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