Scientists (not stoners) are the real force behind the marijuana boom

Now that marijuana legalization is spreading across the U.S., companies are finally able to study the science of cannabis and develop new technologies for its cultivation and delivery methods.

In this episode of The Cannabusiness Report, Ryan sets out to find the latest developments in canna­technology including a trip to one of the most advanced greenhouses in California, a visit to a Denver lab that employs science to create some of the most potent extracts on earth, and the first ever human trials of a cannabis product that could one day guarantee a predictable high every single time.

The Cannabusiness Report airs Mondays at 10 PM EST on Fusion.

About The Cannabusiness Report with Ryan Nerz

An insider’s perspective on the mainstreaming of marijuana in the United States and beyond, from host Ryan Nerz, author of MARIJUANAMERICA.

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