12-Year-Old LGBT Advocate, Marcel Neergaard, Demands Change


It’s no secret that school can be tough, especially when you’re different…just watch any teen movie from any decade. The moments we see on the small and big screens are real for too many kids who feel isolated, mocked and powerless in their own hallways.

Alicia sat down with 12-year-old Marcel Neergaard, an LGBT advocate and blogger for The Huffington Post. This week he made the trip to Nashville, Tenesseee for Advancing Equality on the Hill Day. His goal? The passage of Tennessee’s House Bill 927, better known as “The Diginity for All Students Act.” It would include sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression among the categories of kids who are most often bullied and thus need more protection.

CREDIT: Victoria Moreno, Paola Bolano, Bianca Perez

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