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Draco Malfoy goes undercover with a superfan on the streets of NYC

The heartbreaking reason a superfan has followed Tom Felton for 7 years

Tina Davies has waited for hours at film premieres and special events to meet Tom Felton for the past seven years. Her journeys have taken her throughout Europe in search of selfies and autographs from him and his ‘Harry Potter’ castmates. She’s even become friendly with Felton’s family and friends.

In part four of Superfans! A Tom Felton Documentary, Felton shows up at her door to find out why he’s her favorite actor. During their meeting, he learns what’s really at the heart of her obsession changing his view of fandom.

To watch the full documentary, click here.

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Draco Malfoy goes undercover with a superfan on the streets of NYC

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