Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley joins Fusion’s Jorge Ramos to discuss Israel, the crisis at the border, immigration reform and why he wants to run for president in 2016.

While discussing the Israel-Gaza conflict, O’Malley told Ramos the United States should stay “very, very engaged” in the Middle East. “I hope our country can be a broker for peace and help bring about a resolution,” O’Malley said.

Governor O’Malley also told Ramos he is ‘seriously considering’ running for president in 2016 when asked if he would back Hillary Clinton as he did in 2007. “I love my country and I believe our country’s best days are still ahead of us, but I believe also that we need to make better choices as people,” O’Malley commented.

Since every presidential candidate publishes a book, we might see the Governor’s memoir in the stands soon. Gov. O’Malley didn’t confirm, but hinted saying “I’m always writing, Jorge.”

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