L.A. teens learn art of filmmaking at 'Ghetto Film School'

The next generation of filmmakers is learning the art of storytelling and digital production at Ghetto Film School in L.A. The group of high school students take part in a 15-month extracurricular immersion followed by an internship.

The nonprofit independent film organization was started in 2000 in the South Bronx for youth to develop skills and access resources. Stosh Mintek, executive director of the school in L.A. said it for teens to “get connected to a lifelong career as a visual storyteller.”

What the students didn’t want? Some ‘ghetto film school’ and the name stuck.

Student Chantal Serrano summed up the experience this way: “It was actually learning shots and how to write, how you want your shots. And your shooting day, actually how it turns out instead of like how you thought it would be in your head.”

The school is also supported by top media leaders such as Spike Jonze and Lee Daniels.

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