Florida woman finds a giant cobra while doing laundry

An eight-foot-long king cobra escaped from its owners home near Orlando on September 1. A Florida Fish and Wildlife search came up empty, and nothing was heard from the cobra until last night, when Cynthia Mullvain—while loading clothes into her dryer—stumbled upon the cobra, the Orlando Sentinel reports. The cobra, whose name is Elvis, was not far from its original home.

“She didn’t know exactly what kind of snake it was,” Animal Services Senior Officer Billy Ledford told CBS Orlando. “All she knew was that it was a very large snake. It was hissing underneath the dryer.”

There was quite the struggle to detain the snake:

Animal Services said the snake’s posturing allowed Officer Kirsten Jones to secure the snake’s tail while Ledford overtook the animal with tongs.

“I attempted to put the snake in my snake box, but it was too large to fit,” said Ledford, who has extensive knowledge and experience handling exotic animals. “I put the snake in a cat cage. I then put the contained snake in a secondary soft carrier that I had in the truck, double-securing the snake.”

“He didn’t give us an easy time catching him, let’s just say that,” Ledford told ABC Orlando.

Valerie Kennedy, the snake owner’s wife, said she was happy to have the snake home safe and sound.


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