Scenes from the ‘Day Without Immigrants’ marches that took place across America

In cities across the United States, immigrants and their allies have taken to the streets in massive shows of solidarity as part of the nationwide “Day Without Immigrants” strike.

The marches are, perhaps, the most visible portion of a day which has seen hundreds of restaurants and storefronts close as immigrants—particularly those from Latinx communities—highlight their vital role in society and protest the Trump administration.

In Washington, DC, hundreds of people marched through downtown toward the White House, protesting Trump’s crackdown on immigrant communities. Fusion’s Armando Gallardo captured the scene.

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In Charlotte, NC, where hundreds of businesses closed for the day’s strike, a crowd of at least 1,000 people chanted “yes we can” and “united we stand,” in both English and Spanish.

“We are trying to make a statement that immigrants matter in Charlotte,” march organizer Stephania Arteaga told the Charlotte Observer.

In Chicago, thousands rallied in Union Park before heading downtown, carrying banners and chanting in unison.

In Detroit, hundreds of people marched along Vernor Highway waving American flags and carrying signs reading “stop separating families.”

Protesters in Boston unfurled a massive “Un Dia Sin Inmigrantes” (“A Day Without Immigrants”) banner over Massachusetts Route 1A.

The marches, and the broader national strike with which they coincided, were largely the result of grassroots, word of mouth organizing, and come one week after a massive rally in downtown Milwaukee against President Trump’s executive actions targeting immigrant communities.


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