WATCH: How Derek Anderson Escaped His Teammates’ Common Tragedy

On DNA, we’ve been following a strand that, sadly, binds most pro athletes together. The fact is, within just a few years of retirement, most of them go broke. For example, we hosted former NBA second draft pick Kenny Anderson in the studio, where he recounted the way he ran through more than $15 million. (Click here to watch that interview.)

But that fate doesn’t befall all retired pro athletes. Take the story of former NBA champion Derek Anderson.
Since his retirement in 2008, he’s gone on to become a screenwriter, author, motivational speaker and philanthropist. But his ride to the top was far from easy.

He was abandoned by his parents, lived homeless for several years, and fathered a son, all by the age of 14. However his childhood struggles did not stop him from accomplishing his goal of joining the NBA in 1997.

Since his retirement he has made it his mission to motivate today’s youth to empower themselves by sharing his personal journey through adversity. He’s also achieved lasting financial success. Watch his interview on DNA to hear how he escaped many of his teammates’ fate.


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