WATCH: The Telenovela Slap Heard ‘Round the World

Derrick Ashong, the host of DNA, has always dreamed of telenovela stardom – yeah, for real. So what if he’s still brushing up on his Spanish? Luckily, when he got a star turn on the set of Univision’s Cosita Linda, star Zuleyka Rivera gave him a hand – literally.

That was a bit of magic, really, because that’s just the first of these top three novela clichés.

Watch our clip of Derrick on Cosita Linda above, and check out these other amazing scenes.

1. The Slap

The slap is a classic. You messed with your second husband’s father’s ex-wife, Lupita? You’re getting caught, and you’re not talking your way out of it. You’re getting slapped!

2. Strangulation

If you have super long nails and too much eyeliner, duh, first you slap. But if that doesn’t work – there’s nothing like a good old fashioned strangulation to make your point!

3. The Sexy Maid

In a novela, you’re not gonna find a maid wearing yellow rubber gloves. It’s usually more like the sexy Halloween costume version of a maid, and instead of a bottle of Windex, she’s holding a glass of scotch. Probably from the same bottle as the guy she’s having an affair with.


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