Is Chicago Blaming ‘El Chapo’ for Crime? Rahm Emanuel Answers

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel answered questions about violence and guns in his city Wednesday on “AMERICA with Jorge Ramos.”

Ramos pointed out the Chicago is on pace to pass 500 murders this year, and that the National Rifle Association (NRA), says that’s proof gun control doesn’t work.

“The NRA is not exactly an authority as it comes to fighting crime,” Emanuel said. “They’re an organization that’s supposed to be quote unquote protecting gun rights…Fighting crime is about more police on the street and getting kids, guns, and drugs off the street.”

Emanuel continued:

“Come here to the city and I’ll actually show you where we have made significant progress bringing the community together and actually reducing crime, in which we’ve now run the last 10 months — every month has seen a reduction in shooting, a reduction in homicides, and a reduction in crime. In fact, on crime, it’s the lowest level it’s been now since 1965.”

Jorge Ramos brought up the fact that the Chicago Crime Commission named Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán “Public Enemy #1.”

“Are you misplacing the blame on Mexico and a drug trafficker?” Ramos asked.

“Well, what you have is Chicago, because of our central location, is the inland port of America, we are the transportation, logistic and distribution center of America, and that’s true for legal commerce and unfortunately for illegal, both guns and drugs, and that’s why we are cracking down dramatically on the gun violence in the city and actually seeing progress in the city that is necessary.”

The pair also spoke about Toronto Mayor Rob Ford. Chicago and Toronto are sister cities.

“Have you spoken with him lately?” Ramos asked.

“You gotta be kidding,” Emanuel said. “No.”


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