The Morning Feed, 11/13: Eco-Scams, Exorcisms, and Emotional Cars

What are we reading this morning? Take a look for yourself. Here’s a link dump to go with that cup o’ joe:

  1. Dreams do come true after all! The man responsible for all those terrible Adam Sandler movies has announced that he is retiring.
  2. Tennessee middle school realizes that maybe it’s not a good idea to prevent students from wearing t-shirts honoring a classmate who lost her battle with cancer.
  3. It turns out that ethanol production’s actually not green at all and is bad for the environment. LOLZ massive federal subsidies!
  4. Rand Paul will not stand for this WAR ON DONUTS that doesn’t actually exist!
  5. This baller World War II vet skydived out of a plane with his late wife’s ashes because love.
  6. Mom’s got the demon inside her so let’s kidnap her and take her to get a good ol’-fashioned exorcism.
  7. Driving with feelings.
  8. This is how you fix nose bleeds.
  9. No joke here. The compelling story of Sam Hurd, former NFL wide receiver arrested and accused of being the league’s drug kingpin.
  10. One of the leading causes of computer viruses affecting companies is executives looking at porn. That’s why they get paid the big bucks!
  11. Mathematicians are telling the NSA to get lost.
  12. A teen is asking Apple to change the definition of gay. Wait what?


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