Laverne Cox, the Transgender Community, and Moving Beyond the Tipping Point

Actress and activist Laverne Cox is on the cover of Time Magazine with the powerful headline “The Transgender Tipping Point: America’s next civil rights frontier.” It’s an exciting declaration, one that we’ve been advancing on our show, “AM Tonight,” since early last year.

While there is much work to do in order to push past the tipping point, that work starts with striving towards understanding, and questioning our own biases and assumptions. As Laverne Cox says in her Time behind the scenes video, “a lot of it is just about listening to transgender people.”

I want to invite you to do just that.

Since we launched our show, we’ve had the privilege of hearing from various members of the trans community: activist and best selling author Janet Mock, models Carmen Carrera and Geena Rocero, activist CeCe McDonald, and six transitioning 20-somethings who are finding support and community online.

Each of their journeys is unique. As Cox says, “I don’t represent the entirety of the trans community. There’s multiple experiences and multiple relationships to one’s gender identity. And so, it’s really about listening to individuals.”

Here are some of our recent coverage of and interviews with members of the trans community.

Janet Mock

Geena Rocero

Carmen Carrera:

CeCe McDonald

Trans Youth


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