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The 2014 World Cup has been off to a flying start. In the first sixteen games, there has only been three matches with under three goals scored, with only two ending in a draw.

Team USA came out strong against recent World Cup arch-nemesis Ghana, and yet, as a scan of Twitter can demonstrate, somewhere out there an American is still complaining about how boring soccer is, and “Why don’t they score more?”

You can find our coverage at soccer.fusion.net site. Every game we are compiling sifting through the hashtags, creating real time gifs, and unearthing events beyond the field in our constantly updated live blogs. Like when we found and confirmed photos of Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif watching the game, as nuclear talks in Vienna were put on hold for the Iran vs. Nigeria match.

We are all about innovative and important journalism at Fusion, like when we discovered exactly how creepy a camera operator can be:

Beyond the field, we have been bringing some of the underreported stories from across the soccer world. For example, the fact that 10 Colombians died during celebrations after the team beat Greece in a 3-0 blowout.

“We have to learn to celebrate in peace,” Interior Minister Aurelio Iragorri said. “What will happen if Colombia does really well?”

Photo by Getty Images

We have also been compiling the best GIFs of the game. Like when the USA punched Ghana in the gut when we won our first match? Yeah, we got that..

Immigration might be a hot button issue in politics, but when it comes to our boys in uniform, about half of our home team wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t for recent immigration into this country. That ‘Murica for you..

<img src="http://fusiondotnet.files.wordpress.com/2014/06/ftrzefp.jpg" width="100%"
Photo by Getty Images

Did you know even NASA has gotten into the World Cup? The space agency released a badass set of satellite photos that we have compiled here. Peep their awesome shot of the Solar Towers in Spain:

<img src="http://fusiondotnet.files.wordpress.com/2014/06/mgkdidn.jpg" width="100%"
Photo by NASA

Keep up to date with you favorite teams and upcoming matches with our “Matches” section, and check out our social media curation with the honeycomb feature (seen below) that is constantly being updated.

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