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Julianne and Derek Hough talk new season of "Dancing With the Stars"

“Dancing With the Stars” celebrities Julianne and Derek Hough return for yet another season of the show tonight at 8 p.m. ET on ABC – but it’s not the only big project on their agenda. They’re also back for their second dance tour in as many years with “Move Live on Tour,” which kicks off in June. (Tickets are already on sale.)

“Last year was a big success — we sold out every show,” says Derek, of last year’s inaugural go-‘round. So this year, they’ve geared up for an even more flamboyant extravaganza — bigger stages, venues, routines and theatrics.

“I think if people saw it last year, and they enjoyed it, they’re gonna be blown away this year,” says Julianne.

But before anything happens with Move Live on Tour, Derek and Julianne will take their respective places tonight as dancer and judge on the 20th (!) season of Dancing with the Stars. Still, it’s not always full-on, showtime glitz and glam for these twentysomething siblings. Dancing stars – they’re just like us!

We caught up with them before the premier to talk the tour, the show, and their current sitcom-esque life situation. Not only are they siblings, obviously, but they’re living together — and Julianne has to judge her brother on a regular basis. What could go wrong?

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