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Here are the secrets to how Zoe Kravitz stays so effortlessly cool

We can all try, but we probably won’t come close to Zoe Kravitz’s innate cool. Sure, sure, she’s the daughter of guitar great Lenny, but her own renown could soon eclipse that of her dad’s.

That’s because so far, there doesn’t seem to be really anything she can’t do. Model, singer, actress, and all-around It Girl, her new marquee project is starring as the character Christina in the upcoming movie “Insurgent.”

The deal? She’s a fearless young woman originally form Candor, a place where people are always honest. (See what the writers did there?)

It’s a role Kravitz says draws from her own life, naturally. “I think it’s important to always question everything and remember that you’re an individual and you have the right to question everything,” she told Fusion.

“I think it’s great to see young people being rebellious not for rebellion’s sake, but opening their eyes to what’s going on and taking a stance against things they don’t necessarily believe in.”

Fans of her band, Lolawolf, though, shouldn’t despair – she’s very much still focusing on that, big-budget movie projects or not. “I think the thing about that band is that it’s me and my two best friends, and I think it’s not work necessarily,” she said. “It’s something we’re doing for ourselves.”

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