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Here’s the history of St. Patrick’s day and how the U.S. ruined it (and basically every other ethnic holiday)

As the debate over immigration continues to rage in Washington, it always helps to remember that the U.S.A. was formed by diverse people who all have brought their own unique traditions to this country. But let’s just admit we all like to experience great things, celebrate their triumphs a little too much, and then run them into the ground.

Now, with St. Patrick’s Day upon us, it’s literally being thrown up in our faces that we, as a nation, bastardize holidays. So before you shove that green donut down your trap, consider the actual history of the holiday – and how we’ve more or less completely ruined it today.

Check out the video above for a brief history of St. Patty’s Day and its downfall. Bummed out? Well, keep in mind that its over-the-top festivities in 2015 pale in comparison to that of another appropriated, misinterpreted holiday: Cinco de Mayo! (Confused about why Taylor and Jesus are both in that photo collage up top? Watch, stay with us and you’ll find out.)

So before you have that drink tonight, remember that our great melting pot of a nation has turned these once-respectable holidays into complete shit-shows – so that we have many excuses throughout the year to get completely shit-faced.

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