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'It's not for white people.' Aamer Rahman on his comedy, commentary and some guy named Ted Cruz

Last week, Fusion’s Akilah Hughes sat down with 33-year-old comedian Aamer Rahman, who is currently traveling around the US on a solo tour, “The Truth Hurts.” Best known for his bit “Reverse Racism,” which went went viral in November 2013, Rahman continues to challenge fans old and new with a style of humor that doesn’t shy away from anybody (Iggy Azalea) or anything (ISIS, Israel).

Born in Saudi Arabia and raised in Australia, Rahman says he doesn’t expend much energy trying to cross over to “mainstream” audiences. “I’ve tried really hard over the years to put out the message that [my comedy] is not for white people,” he explains. “They can come if they want, but that’s not who I’m writing for, that’s not who I’m trying to entertain.”
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