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Man Crush Monday: Antoine Griezmann, je t'aime

Considering it’s the international break, we’ve got a moment to do some heavy (and hot!) research into national teams. So it’s time for this week’s Man Crush Monday: Antoine Griezmann!

RCD Espanyol v Real Sociedad de Futbol - La Liga

I know, I know, you’re gonna say, not another La Liga player! But we just want to talk about Antoine’s very French excellence. Or is that excellence! (French pronunciation goes there, obviously.) I mean, j’aime mon petit chou Antoine!

What’s most magical about him? Is it the precise barbering calculated to show off cheekbones that could cut a wheel of Brie?

Club Atletico de Madrid v SD Eibar - La Liga

Is it that tight little frame that makes him the male equivalent of a spinner?

Club Atletico de Madrid v Real Club Celta de Vigo -La Giga

God, he even manages to pull off the occasional scum-stache!

So, sure, on his usual home team he’s having some problems because of his span of yellow cards. A little temper keeps things exciting – and it’s not like they’re red cards, anyways.

But otherwise he’s pretty well-behaved – I mean look, this is about as racy as it gets on his Instagram.


But hey, move over Antoine, I don’t mind a tight squeeze and man, MY thighs are feeling pretty sore.

Oh, just kidding, we know you’re taken because of this post with your girlfriend at Disney world on Valentine’s Day. (Barf! Gag!)


When that fizzles out, though, there’s another Magic Kingdom where fireworks happen, and it’s waiting for you!

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